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President Donald J. Trump is Strengthening America’s Cybersecurity

STRENGTHENING CYBERSECURITY: President Donald J. Trump is releasing a National Cyber Strategy that will strengthen our defenses against cyber threats.

President Trump’s National Cyber Strategy identifies bold new steps the Federal Government will take to protect America from cyber threats and strengthen our capabilities in cyberspace.
It is the first fully articulated National Cyber Strategy released in 15 years.
The strategy builds on President Trump’s Executive Order “Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure,” signed in May 2017.
PROTECTING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, THE HOMELAND, AND OUR WAY OF LIFE: Strengthening American cybersecurity is central to the National Cyber Strategy.

President Trump’s National Cyber Strategy will protect American networks by:

Securing Federal networks and information and our Nation’s critical infrastructure
Combatting cybercrime and improving incident reporting
PROMOTING AMERICAN PROSPERITY: President Trump’s National Cyber Strategy will help protect cyberspace as an engine of economic growth and innovation.

President Trump’s National Cyber Strategy will promote American prosperity by:

Fostering a vibrant and resilient digital economy
Protecting American ingenuity from threats such as intellectual property theft
Developing a superior cybersecurity workforce through education and recruitment
PRESERVING PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH: The National Cyber Strategy will strengthen efforts to deter destabilizing activity in cyberspace.

The National Cyber Strategy will stand up to destabilizing behavior in cyberspace by:

Promoting responsible behavior among nation states
Working to ensure there are consequences for irresponsible cyber behavior
Launching an international Cyber Deterrence Initiative
Exposing and countering online malign influence and information campaigns
ADVANCING AMERICAN INFLUENCE: The National Cyber Strategy will preserve the long-term openness of the internet, which supports and reinforces American interests.

President Trump’s National Cyber Strategy will promote an open and secure internet by:

Encouraging Nations to advance internet freedom

Advancing a multi-stakeholder model of internet governance

Promoting open, interoperable, reliable, and secure communications infrastructure

Opening overseas markets for American ingenuity

Building international cyber capacity

COMMITTED TO A SECURE CYBER FUTURE: President Trump is committed to protecting the cybersecurity of our Nation and is implementing policies that work to achieve that objective.

The President’s National Security Strategy prioritizes keeping America safe in the cyber era.
The Trump Administration has released a number of agency-specific strategies emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity.

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